RUSSIA SINCE 1917: Forty Years of Soviet Politics by Frederick L. Schuman

RUSSIA SINCE 1917: Forty Years of Soviet Politics

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Schuman's history is a compendium, elaborately researched and as fairminded as anyone could reasonably desire. If Schuman has concentrated upon the past forty years, he has traced the course of the Slavic genius and made of those forty years a watershed into which the deepest longings and struggles of Russia have been poured. Preponderantly political, with special emphasis on USA-USSR relations, the account too is heavily economic, and encompasses to some extent cultural, sociological, psychological elements. As the author of Soviet Politics and Commonwealth of Man. Schuman is a vigorous and flexible stylist, sensitive to epitomizing details, continuously appealing in his attitude of honest wonder. His book as a consequence is as readable as it is inclusive.

Publisher: Knopf