A QUESTION OF PRIDE by Frederick Laing


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Romance as mist, distance and memory--Lisa and Larry know they are in love, but how and why isn't clear. First Lisa's side: Larry is musically talented, older, poorer, different. She never knows when he'll show up, but she knows she loves him. Then Larry's side: Lisa is beautiful and gentle and natural. He loves her but never says so, misses her but never writes. Lisa's last word: after long separation while Larry is growing famous on the horn and she's adjusting to a new school, she hears him playing her song across the high school gym and it's reunion. Steve, Lisa's best friend and would-be beau, writes the book, but Larry and Lisa narrate it; though the idea is cloud nine sentimentality, the prose is direct and spare. The facts are too spare also--neither the relationship nor the characters develop. Did pride keep them apart?...more likely silence.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Four Winds