THE COTTON KINGDOM by Frederick Law Olmstead


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This new edition is edited by Arthur M. Schlesinger, who has written a new Introduction, important as presenting to today's readers, a biographical sketch of Olmstead, agriculturist, journalist, traveler, and the background of the pre-Civil War South of which he wrote. From letters sent to the New York Times, and from the text of the trilogy that grew out of these letters, this one volume condensation has become a classic in its field. Anti-slavery himself, he yet had a contempt for the approach of fanatical abolitionists, and managed to present as objective and fair a portrait of the South as has been done, then or now. Back Country, Journey Through Texas, Seaboard Slave States, these were the three original volumes. The condensation into The Cotton Kingdom was done with a collaborator, for the English trade, and became an immediate success. Prof. Schlesinger has noted the minor deviations from the edition of 1861. Special item.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1953
Publisher: Knopf