THE LORDS OF CREATION by Frederick Lewis Allen
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A grand job -- good reading, and a challenge to sound thinking. The study of the economic life of the United States, the shift in balance of power, the rise of industrialism, of capitalism, the capitalist class of 40 years ago -- of 1929 -- of today, the panorama of change. Good human interest -- good journalism -- good interpretation. Only Yesterday was a brilliant piece of first rate copy writing; The Lords of Creation is a much bigger book, a thoughtful and stimulating book, which shows careful research into facts and human motives, a thoughtful viewing of cause and effect, and a constructive approach to controversial subjects. Should be an easy book to sell or rent, as it is popular enough to catch the reader who wants to be in on the band wagon, and at the same time comprehensive and sound enough for the thoughtful reader. A good chance to roll up a sale that should carry well through the holidays.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1935
Publisher: Harper