RIDERS OF JUDGMENT by Frederick Manfred


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The three Hammett brothers, Cain, Harry, and Dale are thick-necked and determined. Their cousin Rosemary, Dale's wife, urges them to avenge the deaths of their fathers. Juxtaposed to this family feud is a struggle between the large and small cattle ranchers. Conveniently, the protagonists and antagonists of the western vendetta are one and the same with representative factions of the cattle business. As the power struggle becomes more intense, tragedy stalks the Wyoming plain. Quecnic, the affectionate cattle woman with a little prostitution business on the side, is murdered. Dencil, an unprepossessing small rancher, is murdered, Dale is murdered. Cain, the hero, at the behest of Rosemary whom he once loved, must introduce some order into his county and his life. His eventual death is mourned by the whole community. The psychological undertones are complicated if not complex. On the whole the book has a certain raw vitality but much of the details and description are unnecessary.

Publisher: Random House