CONQUERING HORSE by Frederick Manfred


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Another Western panel (Lord Grizzly, McGraw-Hill, 1954) this tells of the tests that No Name, a 17 year old Yankton Sioux, undergoes to prove his manhood. Three times failing to receive the vision the gods should give him, unable to wed Leaf, he causes trouble in the tribe when he takes Leaf without marriage and she disappears. No Name is purified, does receive his destiny -- to bring back a white stallion, Dancing Sun, from enemy country -- and makes his solitary way to accomplish what must be done before he can win his new name. He finds Leaf, who had been captured by the Pawnees, makes friends with their chief and is permitted to take her with him to locate the wild horse herd. Challenged by Dancing Sun, No Name plays a waiting game, is almost the victor after a gruelling contest, loses Dancing Sun to death but is able, with Leaf's help to save the colt Dancing Sun has sired. Their return to the tribe marks not only a celebration, the bestowing of the honor feather and the new name -- Conquering Horse -- but the gift of not having to fulfill the second part of his prophecy -- the killing of his father. Here is Indian lore, humor, customs, daily life, religion, identification with nature -- and superb endurance in full detail, color and understanding. Strenuous -- and satisfying.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1959
ISBN: 0803281196
Publisher: McDowell, Obolensky