RED CENTER by Frederick Nolan


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A Soviet plan to knock out America's one and only functioning spy satellite nearly succeeds as the FBI and CIA slug it out with each other and the British instead of disarming the Russians, who are making all sorts of mischief in, of all places, Miami. It's the all-too-near future, and the American space program is on the ropes. Hoping to kick the Americans while they're down and at the same time put the rival KGB in its place. the GRU (Soviet military intelligence) schemes to disable the last great American eye-in-the-sky long enough to launch their own assault satellite, something the Americans have prevented for years. It is, alas, no longer incredible that the Russians would have an endless supply of laxly loyal US intelligence techs stuck in just the right places to make the plan possible, but just as things get rolling, David Caine gets involved. Caine, a British agent spying on the American intelligence community (which no longer trusts its onetime best friends), is sent to Miami to check up on an agent who may have been turned by the Russians. When Caine's mild probings evoke an unusually strong reaction (bodies flying around in the best Miami style), Caine, and Caine alone, senses he's onto something bigger than your usual 60-million-dollar drug deal and begins to unravel the snarled plot, which leads from Miami to Moscow via Washington. Humorlessly routine spy stuff from Nolan (The Mittenwald Syndicate; White Nights, Red Dawn; Wolf Trap).

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1987
Publisher: St. Martin's