WALL AGAINST THE NIGHT by Frederick Shroyer


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Dr. Albert Travis returns to his home in Weyland, Ind. some time after World War II, an almost forgotten man, on a mission of revenge. Through flashback the story is told of Weyland in the Thirties, the after-depression business pick-up and the new sense of security tinged with recklessness it inspired in the townspeople. Bert Travis (44) had married Gwen Foote (19) at depression's end. The Footes of Tenn, were an impoverished family, the parents still clinging to weakened vestiges of aristocracy. Dr. Travis sets up practice in Weyland, in hopes of contact with the ""genuineness"" of the small town. But Gwen, could never integrate herself with Weyland's mores and finally became passionately involved with Jerry Adams, the town's banker. The discovery of the affair by Travis led to Gwen's tragic death and Adams' disappearance. Travis too, shortly left town and was little heard from until his return in search of Adams. Their meeting is anticlimactic for Travis had only to see Adams to know that killing him would be unnecessary. Adams was as pitiable as Travis' young bride. Now without the burden of caring for people unable to make their own way. Travis can prepare for his own happiness with Evid Gregor, the nurse for Gwen's child. A depressing story of violence. Another small town expose.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1957
Publisher: Appleton-Century Crofis