KINDLING by Frederick Wight


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A New England landscape in monotones- against which is projected the story of Madge Newell, a schoolteacher, well meaning, whole hearted, and careless of opinion. On the one hand, she for one of her students - who is pregnant, attempts to bring the boy who her into line. On the other she has an affair with Harrison Pyle, a runk and a firebug, and although given a chance to marry Andrew Frost, the town's most substantial citizen, she marries Pyle and attempts to redeem him. But Harrison, who deteriorates under the demands and responsibilities of marriage, goes on a drunk, starts another fire, and taken his life- while for Madge there's still a future with Andrew... All of this is much duller than you might assume (and the publishers promise) in a handling which can beat be described as insistent.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1951
Publisher: Little, Brown (A.M.P.)