INNER HARBOR by Frederick Wight


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A new novel after many years, this goes its unhurried way in probing the crosscurrents of impulse and recoil which affect Christine Brainford, of an old Boston family and a rich one who had hold a position of prominence on the Cape Cod island where they summered. Christine, now at the end of her analysis under a Viennese doctor, Leopold Rinehardt, finds that he is unwilling to let her go. Evading his intentions to marry her, she takes up again the relationship she had had at 17 with Dan Edwards, a native and the son of a boat-builder. Overriding the interference of Rinehardt, of her family- for whom Dan has never been good enough, and of the brother Adrian who has a latent love for her, Christine marries Dan, precipitates the death of Adrian in which Dan is suspect... Pretty insistent in its private, psychoanalytical investigation, but not without a certain attractive air of sophistication.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1949
Publisher: Little, Brown (A.M.P.)