REHEARSAL by Fredericka Faxon


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Better have someone in your organization take at look at this first novel, for the publishers' enthusiasm is contagious, and we frankly acknowledge that we do not share it. So -- maybe we are wrong. We were -- from the sales' angle -- about Miss Susie Slagle's. After all, nobody is infallible....This seems to us an introspective picture of Amy Braide's life:- of a girlhood with disunited parents and vague rebellion, and -- with their deaths -- as an orphan dependent on an older man kind but jealous. Then her marriage, in which her husband is a shadow and her lover keeps her vacillating between hope and despair , while her bitter antagonist, her sister in law, creates endless discord, until tragedy changes Amy into the pattern of the wife Isa had wanted her to be. The reform seems unconvincing; Amy simply goes through the form of living, finding hope and safety in her religion. The whole approach is distinctly feminine, and there is a quality that seems to us ""dated.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1940
Publisher: Coward, McCann