THE FAR SHORE OF TIME by Frederik Pohl


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The final installment in Pohl's trilogy about a near-future Earth caught up in a bizarre and incomprehensible conflict between two alien races, the scarecrow-like Others and the dinosaur-like Horch (The Other End of Time, 1996; The Siege of Eternity, 1997). Previously, the Others captured several humans--spook and narrator Dan Dannerman, astronomer (and Dan's beloved) Pat Adcock among them--copied them and, on a remote planet, subjected them to horrid experiments. After the Horch captured the planet, several Dans and Pats escaped back to Earth. Now, yet another Dan is befriended by Beert, one of a group of Horch captured and, like Dan, experimented on by the Others. Dan persuades Beert to accompany him through the transit machine to Earth, where, Dan has learned, an Other spaceship has deployed dozens of submarines. Since the Horch can tap into the Others' systems, they transit onto a submarine and seize it. Soon the Bureau sets Dan to helping scientists study the alien technologies, while he must come to terms with the multiple Dans and Pats. Eventually, though, he begins to wonder what all those mysterious Other submarines are doing. Finally, when the Others angrily demand the return of their submarine and the immediate execution of Beert, he finds out--and it isn't good news. Imaginatively speaking, not top-drawer Pohl, but nonetheless solidly engrossing and professionally rendered.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1999
ISBN: ---
Page count: 320pp
Publisher: Tor