NOT I, BUT THE WIND by Frieda Lawrence
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Full announcement of the limited edition of this book has gone out to the trade-lists closed for the apportionment of 500 personal copies issued by Mrs. Lawrence at $7.50, as of September 1st. First edition value through inclusion of 91 hitherto unpublished letters. This book has been awaited with keen interest by all who read Mabel Luhan's Lorenzo in Taos and Dorothy Brott's Lawrence and Brett, and who wanted to have the picture of those tense days in Taos from the angle of the third woman, his wife, Frieda. Not I, But the Wind is more than a completion of the triangle, however. It is a simple, graceful unfolding of the story of their love and marriage and the years of wandering over the face of the globe, seeking repose, health, an outlet for the strange burning genius of the man. It is a profoundly moving book, in its very simplicity. The interpolation of the letters to Frieda, to her sister and her mother, the inclusion of poems and bits of prose poetry, appropriate to the spirit of the place and time where they occur, gives an added note of authenticity. A book that Lawrence enthusiasts will want, and that many will read for itself. A book of dignity and quiet charm. The opportunity to ""get back"" at the other women is ignored. There is nothing sensational. The portrait of Lawrence is a sympathetic one, and rings true.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1934
Publisher: Viking