WAIT AND SEE by Friso Henstra


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Who invented the safety pin? According to Friso Henstra, it was a little man who called himself Mighty Herman, and whom everyone laughed at for thinking himself such a remarkable fellow. Determined to show them, the little man builds a most amazing iron dog, then takes it out to frighten all and sundry out of his path. But before the dog's debut is over the people are laughing again, for rain has turned the iron body to rust. Herman's next project, a rocket balloon in his own shape, floats impressively until his cigar smoke blows it up. Defeated at last when a motorized giant in his image sinks into the ground, the little man just wastes away--and it's the clips he devises to hold up his now oversized trousers that catch people's fancy and lead to his belated renown. Both pompous and jaunty, Henstra's little man is an engaging figure, and this droll little story, the first Henstra has written, is well suited to the fantasy and flourish of Iris familiar illustration style.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1978
Publisher: Addison-Wesley