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This is an unusual book. It is a detailed study of the Gospel of Matthew in the effort to discover the secret of the influence of Jesus upon those who came in close contact with him. The author's thesis is that as creation was re-enacted with the coming of Jesus into the world, so it is re-enacted in the life of each believer in Him. Thus, the title: Creation Continues. The author writes professedly as a psychologist. But his ""psychological study"" of Matthew is an attempt to parallel each outward event by some corresponding event in the inner life, each spoken word of Jesus by some word that, can come to the inner consciousness today. The author is scholarly, in that he is familiar with the works of the best New Testament scholars and utilizes their findings. Theologians will probably have less to criticize in the book than psychologists who would challenge many of his presuppositions and deductions. Those who are seeking a new understanding of the power of the Christian faith in the world and have not found it either in Orthodox Protestantism or in Catholicism might find light upon their path in this reverent volume.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1947
Publisher: Scribner