HAWAII by Fritz- photographs by Henle


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This is a stunning photographic book, with Fritz Henle's superb pictures of Hawaii today. Not only are they effective individually and artistically, but in selection of material and presentation, he has focussed on the native Hawaiian, his daily activities, his spirit, his special quality. The text by Norman J. Wright briefs the history of the islands, from their ancient settlement, by natives of distant islands of the Pacific, to their re-discovery by Capt. Cook, and then again by the New England missionaries who sought to reform them. He goes on to brief appraisal of their language, dress, culture, religion; the racial strains evident particularly in the children; the economy based on pineapple, sugar cane and native fisheries. The tourist interests are only lightly touched upon. Data on the photography at the end will prove valuable to those interested.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1948
Publisher: Hastings House