THE END OF A REVOLUTION by Fritz Sternberg


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An analysis of the contemporary U.S.S.R. which has emerged from revolution to destroy all of its revolutionary incentive and impetus so that today it is as reactionary as it was under Tsarism. Within Russia, the known facts and statistics indicate that Russia has achieved an industrial superiority, an increase in labor productivity- but at the same wage level as before, a population which is higher but which is sustained at a lower standard of living, and a type of dictatorship in which the social content of the revolution has been re-directed against the masses rather than the ruling classes. Without, Russia's foreign policy varies- with its destination:- in the satellite states which she controls; in free Europe where her lower standard of living mitigates against her success; and in Asia, where poverty and potential famine open the door to her expansionist drives-unless the free world offers its economic support to raise the subsistence level..... A bare statement of essentials which provides an overall picture in simplest terms, and a useful report for study and reference- rather than for the general reader.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1953
Publisher: John Day