THE YOUNGEST GENERAL by Fruma Gottschalk


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The wife of an historian and authority on Lafayette here presents the life of the young Lafayette, not the boy wonder and liberal but a wealthy young nobleman who escaped to the drama of the American War of Independence to get away from the reasons of his discontent. This is the young Lafayette. The story starts with his childhood, the early succession to a title, the school days in Paris in mid-18th century -- and goes on to his acceptance by the American leaders as a dashing young officer bringing promise of intervention and help from the old world. The biographer has shown her readers the warmth, the courage, the clear thinking, as young Lafayette became inflamed by ideals of liberty and equality. She has made a fast moving drama of plots and international intrigue, and at the same time given a portrait of a sensitive youth, a romantic. His love for Adrienne -- his school days- his education and training for life of a military are beautifully handled. Recognition came early- and the story ends there, with only a glimpse into his future in his own troubled country.

Publisher: Knopf