THE GREATEST FAITH EVER KNOWN by Fulton & Armstrong April Oursler Oursler
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The Bible's Own Story of Men who Spread the Religion of Jesus and of the Momentous Times in which They Lived"" -- so reads the sub-title. The late Fulton Oursler possessed the happy faculty of being able to take familiar material and re-cast it in such a readable style and with such dramatic emphases as to make it read like the morning paper or the current magazine. In this book he covers the story of early Christianity as given in the book of The and the following books of the New Testament. Beginning with the crucifixion of Jesus and ending with the vision of John on Patmos as recorded in the book of the story is unfolded in short chapters suitable for a newspaper column or daily devotional reading. While Oursler was a Catholic, his presentation has no bias. He adheres strictly to the Biblical account and the traditional interpretation of it.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1953
Publisher: Doubleday