FREEDOM UNDER GOD by Fulton J. Sheen


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We'd like to see paper bound copies or a condensed version of this book distributed on the streets of every great city, in the plants where communists hold away. In this, the most convincing and effective book we've read on the subject of religious freedom vs. communism, Msgr. Sheen eloquently answers all claims, silences all arguments and presents the undeniable advantages of freedom under God. It is clever and effective as all the author's work and by far the most powerful weapon to use in combatting the Reds. No one could possibly choose the latter if they fully understood the freedom God holds out, the value He puts on individual rights and life itself. All Catholic organizations, schools, colleges, seminaries, etc. will use this book for their libraries and all libraries will need several copies. All denominations listen when Msgr. Sheen speaks from the lecture platform, on the air or through the press. You'll find this book easy and profitable to promote. Start at once taking advance orders. And call the nearest seminary and the Catholic priests in your big city parishes. They'll give you promotion suggestions and help plan your campaign.

Publisher: Bruce