WOLF'S FAVOR by Fulvio Testa
Kirkus Star


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A tongue-in-cheek fable reminiscent of Aesop, from the author of If You Take a Pencil. When Porcupine asks Wolf for his help in cracking open a nut, she is lucky enough to find him just having dined, and in a generous mood. Wolf obliges her by cracking the nut, remarking that he's never clone a favor before. Porcupine in turn does a good deed for Squirrel, and so it continues, through Crow, Fox, Chicken, Snake, and Lamb, in page after page of vibrant illustrations, until the story comes full-circle to Wolf again. Doing a favor has made him feel so good he decides to do another one--thus sparing the life of Lamb (grazing nearby as a result of the chain of favors begun by Wolf himself). Though the ending is a bit flat, the book as a whole is charming, with lively and humorous text. The witty full-color illustrations are beautifully composed and highly imaginative.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1986
Publisher: Dial