THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND: Arnold Palmer's Golden Year 1960 by Furman Bisher

THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND: Arnold Palmer's Golden Year 1960

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For over a decade Arnold Palmer has been golf's preeminent gallery attraction. Bisher, sports editor for the Atlanta Journal, tells how it all began in 1960 when the magnetic Palmer, just after a disappointing year, started winning major tournaments (the Masters; the U.S. Open) in dramatic style -- and losing them in similar fashion (the British Open by a stroke; blowing a lead in the PGA Championship). It was that emotive year ""Arnie's Army"" was mustered, the enlistees hanging on every swing, every putt, cheering ""Palmer's boldness, his daring, his constant attitude of 'attacking' rather than 'playing' a course."" Bisher recreates the excitement in uninflected journalistic terms while providing some background on Palmer's career from 1954 when he lived ""from meal to meal"" to 1960 when ""there was nothing uncertain in his life but how much he might make, and on what date he would become an authentic millionaire."" This will appeal to fans generally but mostly veterans of that first Army ""who learned to idolize Palmer though no words were ever passed between them.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1972
Publisher: Prentice-Hall