MENAGERIE IN F SHARP by F.W. Heinsheimer


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From the fresh approach of a refugee (1938) to New York, and his honeymoon with the city.... The author, in his work in the music publishing house of Universal Edition, in Vienna, during the years 1921-1938, gives a lively picture of the continental musical world. Composers, performances, musical history of that time provided the original series of firsts in continental contemporary music. His arrival here, and the impact of new ways, customs, cities and people, provide the next array of ""firsts"". He tells of the success stories of other refugees, determined that in this country they will begin again; he writes of problems of adaptation and absorption. He vignettes Krenek, Weill, Berg, Reiter, and other acclaimed moderns; he visits Hollywood and pleads for civic supported orchestras and opera in this country. An invigorating picture of conductors, singers, composers and musical chitchat of all kind, this has a current- yes, even to the slang- appeal that most musical records lack. Engaging.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1947
ISBN: 140673585X
Publisher: Doubleday