THE NAZI CONNECTION by F.W. Winterbotham


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Blackly amused reminiscences by the best-selling author of The Ultra Secret (the story of British code-breaking), who tells this time about his activities as a double agent, working for RAF air intelligence while deep into dalliance with the Nazi air force in the Thirties and supposedly giving them secrets. Winterbotham himself is ""the Nazi connection"" and his biggest hook-ups are with Alfred Rosenberg, the anti-Bolshevik architect of Hitler's Aryan myth, who was also the editor of the Party newspaper. Through Rosenberg, Winterbotham came to Hitler's attention and Goering's, and since the Nazis wanted to prove they had no animus toward Britain, they befriended Winterbotham so that he would take Hitler's peace murmurings straight to Whitehall. Meanwhile, Winterbotham was setting up his RAF intelligence apparatus and getting big secrets out of Germany. Too big! Nobody would believe him when he described the Stuka dive bomber as it had been described to him at the Luftwaffe Club in Berlin; the RAF people dismissed the very idea of dive-bombing as ""a waste of time and energy. . ."" But the RAF itself is a junior service arm and not much respected--no one (except the Germans) expects wars to be fought in the air. A master spy who went into the field urbanely reviews the Nazis in Springtime.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row