COMMON CAUSE by G. A. Borgese
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Another distinguished interpretation of the attitudes and policies of the nations at war and the problematical future of mankind -- by the author of Goliath, ""The Common Man has not found the Common Cause"" he says, and proceeds to analyze the British Empire, exclusive, caste-conscious, insisting on maintaining balance of power; the American ""breastplated isolation"" attempting to make Democracy live up to its destiny but not facing her inner problems. Russia alone has found Common Cause. He feels that the war is being fought with the Munich frame of mind; he appraises our ""Demofascism"", our attempts to win without contact with Russia, our deals in North Africa and Spain. He sees Churchill as a belligerent Chamberlain; Roosevelt sacrificing ideals en route; the Vatican and the Catholic Church fearing democracy more than fascism. He sees the trend of the future towards some sort of communism, joining equality and freedom in brotherhood. An important book, rooted in world philosophy, written by a true liberal and humanitarian, but in a style that is involved, complex, difficult reading.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce