SUMMER'S PLAY by G. B. Stern


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More froth -- and usually G. B. Stern alternates her types of books, giving her readers (and she has a devoted following) one meaty novel at least every other time. This belongs with THE SHORTEST NIGHT in its suggestion of fantasy mixed with irony. There's an analogy with Rose Macaulay's CREWE TRAIN, too. A satiric study of two classes, the favored beings and the cutsiders, as evidenced by the old residents of an English seaside resort, and the trippers and summer visitors. The situation is exaggerated and symbolized by the rationalization on the part of some youngsters of the aura of terror in which their elders try to envelop them, during the month of the onslaught of the outsiders. Somewhat forced -- and disappointing.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1934
Publisher: Knopf