A DUCK TO WATER by G. B. Stern


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This belongs in a very G.B. Stern-ish category, already distinguished by her Ugly Dashund and The Dark Gentleman. There's humor here- and a subtle commentary on humanity and sentiment without the sentimentality all too common in the majority of books about animal life. This is a barnyard and duckpond story, a reverse on The Ugly Duckling in a tale of one duckling who fancied himself a swan, who disdained the water in which his brothers disported themselves. Of how he collected from the elders of the barnyard a distorted portrait of a sort of swan peacock, and tried to call himself to the attention of the humans, known either as ""Logs"", ""Sardonio"", ""Nitwit"", ""Owner"", ""Feeding"", etc. And an episode in which the disposal of some kittens becomes a major issue, and an amusing finale which has a direct bearing on ducklings... All in all, a slight but generally delightful parable in feathered form, a special item for a special G.B. Stern market.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1950
Publisher: Macmillan