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Publisher: Scribner

This emphasizes rather sharply the difference in the point of view of the average collector in England, in the United States, implicitly, only, and by comparison with parallel books for collectors of antiques here. Here is the British approach -- more scholarly, more specific in the handling of individual topics, more concerned with fundamental values, less easily satisfied with period significance and more insistent on bracketing items for the best of their kind. To illustrate what I mean, take the chapter on lustre. In itself a more exhaustive treatment of the subject than found elsewhere, this further elucidates the values of lustre at the level of tones -- weight -- relative importance, from the collector's angle of silver as against copper, and so on. The subject matter breaks down into metals, textiles, ceramics, pictures, wood, glass, etc. There's important data by which to recognize the genuine, there are tests of value, there is useful information on things rarely found,- old English maps, Toby jugs, miniatures, silhouettes, papier mache, fans, picture pot lids, willow ware. Practically nothing on furniture (which the title does not indicate). An essential book for the collector shelf, and a handbook for individuals who are interested in collecting English antiques, off the beaten track. Wonderful value at this price.