I PROTEST by G. Bromley Oxnam
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Bishop Oxnam's hearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee in June, 1953 was one of the most widely publicized sessions of a committee which thrives on headlines. Coming at a time when the Protestant clergy were being publicly brought under suspicion as aiding and abetting the communist cause, this hearing caused a sensation, the reactions to which have been reverberating up and down the land ever since. The Bishop's account of this hearing and his comments upon it show that he is still hot under the collar about the accusations made against him and especially about the practice of this committee of releasing to the public unverified charges of communist affiliation or sympathy. Bishop Oxnam was not an easy witness for the committee to handle. He was angry then. He is still angry. He writes like an angry man striking out against what he considers to be fundamentally un-American procedures on the part of an official committee of Congress. Throughout this heated document the Bishop repeatedly makes clear how effectively the Protestant churches are battling communism. A book that should attract wide attention.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1954
Publisher: Harper