A TESTAMENT OF FAITH by G. Bronley Oxnam
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With the vigor and forthrightness many readers have come to expect from him, G. Bromley Oxnam, Bishop in the Methodist Church, has written a striking expression of his own faith. Drawn from many years of experience in his own Church and in the World Council of Churches, he gives in this book a strong and winning statement of a faith strong enough to survive the attacks made upon it by the pagan world of our day as well as the attacks of little men who stooped to personal villification. Bishop Oxnam believes in God, in Jesus Christ, in Prayer, in the Church, in Life Everlasting- and in Man himself. Without blinking at any of the uglier facts of life which to some spell the doom of man, he believes that man will find peace of mind and soul, not in the neat formulas of some of the most popular clergymen, but in the Cross of Christ. Many a Christian will be a stronger one for reading this book, and many others will seek to know more about a faith which can end on such a note of triumph. A strong antidote for the quacks.

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 1958
Publisher: Little, Brown