THE MIND TRAP by G. Clifton Wisler


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An alien who looks like a normal 14-year-old rescues his kin from wicked earthling scientists. Because he's au Antrian, Scott Childers can read minds, influence objects by thought, and teleport. In one of two earlier books about him (The Seer, 1989), Scott saved his foster family from an accident, then made it look as if he himself had died. With his Antrian mentor, Tiaf, he has traveled through space and time, developing his powers. Now he comes upon children like himself, able to speak to each other telepathically. They are the wards (or prisoners) of Dr. Faulkner and his colleagues, who have brought the children together to study them. Scott is a prize catch because of his abilities, but he is more than Dr. Faulkner & Co. bargained for: he destroys their files and rescues the other children. This modern equivalent of the penny dreadful depends on action to distract readers from its hackneyed, wooden writing, and implausible plot. Still, it's the sort of lively tale that can make readers out of couch potatoes. For large collections with voracious SF fans.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1990
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Lodestar/Dutton