NICK THE CLICK by G. K. Wilkinson


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An attempt at London Runyon-esque here in a burlesque that just talks itself to death. Gloria, free-lance lady-fingers goes to London to pull off a multimillion dollar jewel theft from the impregnable halls of Tassel & Leake. Disguised as a prostitute, she solicits two confederates into the perfect plan but none of the trio notice that they've been photographed by Nick the Click, Soho's busiest pornographic photographer. After the heist, Nick discovers what he's accidentally recorded and suddenly everyone's after the snaps in a crosscountry Keystone routine that might do better on film. With characters like Southend Bracegarter known fondly as Fanny it has its moments. . . . One-shots.

Pub Date: Dec. 10th, 1968
Publisher: Putnam