WHAT SHALL I DO? by G. Warron Schloat
Kirkus Star


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There's plenty of variety in this book, which boys particularly will like- boys that is who like to do things with their hands. There are Things to Build, Tricks, Games, and Things to Do, fifty nine projects in all, and the ""how to do it"" is told almost all in photographs (for which the author's nine year old son was guinea pig!) Really, this is visual education applied to what to do on a rainy day, what new games to invent, how to make useful and amusing, practical and semi-scientific things, and how to work out some tricks to fool grownups and contemporaries. The necessary equipment is largely home products, and none of it involves more than a few cents investment. Good readers can work things out for themselves, but there are some things that younger children can do with some adult help. A godsend for convalescent periods- and for busy parents at any time. Spiral binding, hard board cover- lies flat.

Publisher: Scribner