CLOCHEMERLE-LES--BAINS by Gabriel Chevallier


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This would appear to be the Armageddon of the Clochemerle sagas of French village doings with its focus on the undraped female figure and the more amusing bodily functions. But the frame enclosing this cloying Chaucerian pleasantry is so well worn and familiar that its pornography can claim respectable forebears. Of course, as all followers of minor French provincial comedies will recognize there is a gently wavering priest who tipples with the sardonic town doctor; a mournful covey of the cuckolded; and a great army of single-minded females of varying degrees of pulchritude and fruition. This time the village's happy hedonism is directed toward the establishment of a sanitarium. Supporting the project are millionaire ex-patriot Tonio Texas, a flexible town statesman, and cooperating doctors, all exposed to the charms of a young doctor's wife. Although installed Just before World War II, the sanitarium is a success, local wine flows continuously, and Clochemerle couples merrily.....You have been here before and you either enjoy it or you don't.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster