NO OTHER GOD by Gabriel Vahanian


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The importance of Gabriel Vahanian is based on his brilliant and fiercely prophetic book of a few years ago, The Death of God, which is recognized today as the pioneer work in the controversy of the same name. The present work, his third, is not so much a unified and coherent theological work as a collection of more or less random essays and lectures touching on various, not necessarily related, aspects of the new ""Christian"" atheism -- the poverty of traditional theology, atheism as a religious system, the existential interdependence of Christ and God, the Word of God and the writing of man, Calvin and the death of God, Christianity and modern ethics. For the most part, the collection is exhilarating in its breadth -- and disappointing in its depth. The fourth essay, ""The Word of God and the Word of Man"", is the only one reminiscent of the Vahanian whom the New York Times called an ""eloquent prophet of the Lord""; in it, the author applies concretely to modern literature some of the ideas expressed in The Death of God. The others are too minor to appeal to any but the most uncritical collector of Vahaniana.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1966
ISBN: 1606089854
Publisher: Braziller, Inc.