LOVE ITALIAN STYLE by Gabriella Parca


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Mama Mia! Albert Ellis goes abroad! Except that Miss Parca isn't even a psychologist, or sociologist. Nevertheless she has accumulated an unspecified number of ""in depth"" interviews with a variety of Italian men and freely offers her conclusions. We discover that a large percentage love Mama a little too much, that they are in search of ""a mother-woman""; that prostitutes are popular for initiation rites--""50%"" of those interviewed had their first experience with these affable ladies; that men in the South of Italy are obsessed by sex because of the rigid mores that make the girl next door ""either virgin or damned""; that in Central Italy, sexual attitudes depend more or less on the individual who viewed it as good, indifferent or ""lousy"" (some translation) while in the North it becomes la dolce vita because sex is ""accepted as part of life."" Nevertheless, they all have a major hang-up...there is a separation between sex and sentiment (homosexuality is on the rise). The quoted interviews have a certain voyeur appeal and they will be the only attraction for this book. Spend your money on a Fellini film.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall