COYOTE THE TRICKSTER by Gail & Douglas Hill Robinson


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A Canadian couple retells twelve North American Indian trickster tales, most of them about the variously sly and foolish Coyote although three feature the Northwest Coast Raven. Both animal heroes have their Promethean moments (Raven brings daylight to the world, Coyote steals fire) and both get themselves involved in complicated contests in deception. Though neither is a stranger to juvenile collections their type is a natural story-telling winner and the authors (who are, however, unfortunately vague about sources) do a respectable job of filling them out and keeping them moving. But the shadowy, dreamlike illustrations are lifeless and pretentious, and even the pages of text add to the claustrophobic look. Additional.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Crane, Russak-dist. by Scribners