THE POST OFFICE BOOK: Mail and How It Moves by Gail Gibbons

THE POST OFFICE BOOK: Mail and How It Moves

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Chiefly a mechanical recap, efficiently if uninvolvingly pictured, of how the post office department handles mail: ""A letter carrier picks up mail from the mailbox. The mail goes to the local post office, where it is sorted by hand to divide local mail (mail for nearby places) from mail for out-of-town."" Etcetera. We see how the mail is electronically sorted, by zip codes, at the big area post office; and the various ways it is then transported to ""faraway parts of the country"" and abroad. After further sorting at the receiving post-office, the mail goes into private mailboxes or to the letter carrier--and so, wherever you are (in an office or apartment building, on a rural delivery route), gets ""to you."" The step-by-step depiction of the original sorting has the interest of any closely described process, and the whole has utility as the only rundown of postal operations at this age level, but it's all generalized and impersonal to the point of resembling an official handout.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1982
ISBN: 0812447492
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell