JOHN R. MOTT: Architect of Co-operation and Unity by Galen M. Fisher

JOHN R. MOTT: Architect of Co-operation and Unity

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No man has had a greater influence upon the world mission of the Church over the past sixty years than John R. Mott. His friend and colleague of many years, Fisher, has not attempted a definitive biography but rather traces ""the Mett tributaries to the swelling river of the world-wide movement for Christian co-operation and unity"". The major Mett tributaries have been the World's Student Christian Federation, the Student Volunteer Movement, the International Missionary Council and the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association. However the world sweep of Mr. Mett's interests and influence embrased practically all of the organizations and individuals who have been concerned with the mission of the Christian Church throughout the world is recent years. He has stood like a rock for interdenominational, inter-faith, international and interracial cooperation. He has traveled over the world sumberlese times and has come back to recruit leadership and raise funds to see forward

Publisher: Association Press