FILL IT UP! by Gall Gibbons


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All About Service Stations. Gibbons' full-service station is a busy place, with several double-page scenes chock-full of cars and customers. Speech balloons show the drivers asking for everything from gas and tires to soda and directions to the high school. As for the text, some of Gibbons' explanations verge on numbing recapitulations of what observers can readily see for themselves ("". . . Next, the hose nozzle is put into the opening of the car's gas tank. . .""), whereas other operations mentioned or pictured aren't explained at all. However, there are explicit words and pictures showing how a hydraulic lift works (later on, it is used for a brake check); there's a track delivering gas to the station's storage tanks (which will answer any questions as to how the gas tanks get it) and there are glimpses of tire repair, wheel alignment, and other operations--all of which can be fascinating to a five-to-eight-year-old. There is some thought evident in Gibbons' dawn-to-dawn presentation, which begins before the title page with an early morning breakdown and a tow into the station. Add to all this the station dog who is silently on hand throughout, the friendly (if scarcely personalized) crew, and the bold, blocky presence of brightly colored cars and tracks, and you have another of this author-artist's able introductions.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1985
Publisher: Crowell