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A Civil War novel that gets along all right in its focus on Mosby's Raiders and the love troubles of Lane Byrn, from Virginia, and Fae Bishop, daughter of a Union Army officer. From their exciting passage from England to America, on the Whisper, under Selmo, who has no captain's papers, to refuge on Byrn's plantation, the story is off with a dash, which keeps up as Fae is returned North, Byrn acquires an enemy in revenge minded Will Terry who had planned to marry Fae, as Byrn gets a chance to act as spy for Stuart and finally joins up with the 43rd Ranger Battalion. Doctoring as he goes, Byrn is present at all audacious action that Mozby smells out, is ably companioned by Selmo, and the two Choctaws, Lost Man and Bischa, and his dramatic stallion, Starlight. Not the least of their adventures is a picnic with Fae and fellow workers just outside of Washington, a dash to New York City to bring back needed medical supplies, and the final battle, after the war is over, on Byrn's own plantation. A fictional pattern for a robust researching among actual history and incidents, this offers straightforward action-adventure, not a little humor, and plenty of colorful tale-telling.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1948
ISBN: 1419106562
Publisher: Morrow