FEARLESS FAMILY by Gardell Dano Christensen


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...is the family mustelidae, the species name for weasels, otters, minks, martens, badgers, skunks and their ilk, and the stories Gardell Dano Christensen tells about them have a definite and precise vividness. Each of the stories is short, and brisk narratives personalize animal heroes as they live out certain typical experiences in their lives. Fancy, a marten, exhibits the courage and aggression of his kind as he kills a squirrel and then escapes the tearing grasp of an owl; Lutra, an otter, plays as hard as all otters play; Little Shot, a young skunk, is more dignified- because he can afford to be. These are a sampling of the stories that should delight anyone with a taste for the out of doors and the out of the ordinary.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1955
Publisher: Holt