UFOS AND IFOS by Gardner Soule


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Mr. Soule does a commendable job of synthesizing past material while placing his emphasis on current developments, particularly in 1966 which almost equalled 1952 in the number of UFO sightings recorded. The book includes material from such sources as Anatomy of a Phenomena, Incident at , NICAP's bulletins as well as Project Blue Book reports. In his presentation, the author assumes the position of the UFO observer... the puzzled man amenable to any reasonable explanation that will turn a UFO into an IFO (Identified Flying Object) and he doesn't stint on logical possibilities...from Echo I and Echo II to ball lightning. An interesting sidelight is that a '66 Gallup poll, in contrast to official records, reports that some five million Americans claim to have personally seen UFO's. Then there's the work being done in investigation by a subsidized foundation at the University of Colorado. A highlight is an informative chapter on ""What If You See a UFO"" which suggests means of obtaining accuracy in description, gauging speed, size etc. A careful, considered, well researched book of undeniable interest to young people.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Putnam