LET'S VISIT GREECE by Garry & John C. Caldwell Lyle


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This umpiring pilgrimage features visits to the most popular tourist attractions, a tribute to the ancient Hellenes (whose ""fierce respect. . . for the rights of each man as a separate and special person"" made them nearly unique) and a quick glance at holidays and food. The present government is described as ""a group of senior army officers"" who took control to prevent ""another attempt at communistic revolution."" Of their regime: Though many exiles ""believe (that Greece) has become a police state,"" ""the new government has promised that free elections will be held when the country seems more settled. Until then the future of Greece must remain uncertain."" None of this matters in any case because ""nevertheless, the Greeks are not an unhappy dissatisfied people. They manage to enjoy life very much."" In the end it's this kind of stereotyping which is more objectionable than the bland, emasculated summaries of recent history.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1972
Publisher: John Day