A GAME OF TITANS by Gary Alan Ruse


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A King Kong Meets Frankenstein technological thriller or dance of the juggernauts that pits a supergigantic US airship that has its own air force aboard and blazes with sophisticated new weaponry (lasers, air-to-ak missiles, robot planes). . . against--or VERSUS--a new Soviet aircraft carrier with its own high-voltage punches. Naturally, to avoid worldwide nuclear holocaust, the president hot-lines the Russian premier to try to limit the engagement of the two vessels at hand. Meanwhile, down on the Tahitian atoll of Tongareva, a defecting Nobel-winning Soviet scientist lies dying of a bad heart and awaits the golden talents of great surgeon Paul Brandon, the American Leonardo of artificial hearts. The tale is told with the plastics of various technologies, aerial, naval, medical, etc. and a looming language of hardware and circuitry but it's for the men who don't care what happens next as long as it keeps happening.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1976
Publisher: Prentice-Hall