BIRTH: The Story of How You Came To Be by

BIRTH: The Story of How You Came To Be

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A few years ago we might have overlooked the simultaneously garish and insipid illustrations (and the repeated reminders that pregnancy tires the mother) for Dr. Gendron's simple, explicit presentation of male and female sex organs, intercourse and impregnation, cell division, fetal development, labor, and a bit about genes which carry the individual's ""master plan."" Today, however, there is no shortage of such information and thus no reason to accept these drawings that resemble sanitary napkin leaflets and baby products ads treated with unnatural fluorescent colors (the reds in each depicted uterus are truly hideous) -- and then there's that ""egg ejecting from the ovary"" that is more like a rocket trailing white fire than anything in nature. If it's glorious colors you're after, Colette Portal's are prettier (in The Beauty of Birth, 1971, p. 1128, J-420) and more illustrative of developmental particulars.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1972
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap