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Transformational Steps to Financial and Family Well-Being

by Gary Klaben

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0982800904

A refreshingly philosophical perspective on the real meaning of money and worth.

If Klaben has set out to change the way the American consumer defines financial well-being, this book is an excellent foundation. While it is more concerned with philosophical or spiritual issues than with simply doling out financial advice—though Klaben is a financial adviser—the book is no less useful as a guide to gaining control over money. Klaben talks at length about “KASH,” which stands for Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. Most important in the formula is Attitude; the secret to successful achievement in anything, says the author, is “a consistent strong purpose and positive attitude.” The advice is clearly intended to guide the reader not just toward better financial control, but better control of his or her life. The author imparts a good deal of wisdom and urges the reader to write down goals as a way to “define our purpose and achieve our destination.” He implores readers to follow a moral compass because “doing the correct thing is what defines who we are.” According to Klaben, sound financial decision-making follows three simple guidelines: sufficiency, sustainability and appropriateness. He speaks of having mentors, being a “chief,” making our own luck and keeping the focus on the simple. He says when it comes to challenges and setbacks, “Bad news does not define us. How we react to bad news is what defines us.” In the end, Klaben says, there are only three stages of life: learning, earning and yearning. “Mastering money,” says the author, “is a lifelong journey.” Those looking for an easy path to the selection of appropriate investments or extending one’s wealth through the retirement years will not find that here. But this book will provide a fresh way of viewing one’s own financial future. In fact, this is a book that may very well cause the reader to rethink his or her value system and redefine “worth.”

A thoughtful, engaging book with a lasting impact.