BIG CY by Gary Youree


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Problem: what to do when you're a precocious tiny adolescent snot from Outnout, Arkansas who reads 2288 words per minute and has the biggest pecker in the world? Solution: you progress from incest with your sister to homosexual entertainment with your karate instructor to a twentyfive times a weekend romp with the town's most coveted married lady -- then on down to New Orleans for a wider field of activity with an endless stream of nymphets, transvestites, and runaway hippies of both sexes who want nothing more than to lick or stick ""Big Brother"" in any or all of their various orifices. After failing to be a Jesus Freak in New York, several murders and untold vaseline couplings later, Big Cy becomes the head of a phallic-worshipping group of naked ladies whom he ritually and pleasurelessly services until one of his former true loves de-members him for the sake of his salvation. This is a doubtfully hilarious, bad taste book about a kid who talks theology and existentialism the way people do only in college courses, offensive even in its irony.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1974
Publisher: Bobbs-Merfill