THE ROCKS REMAIN by Gavin Maxwell


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t takes a particular talent to write well about animals and Maxwell's previous books have left the reading public in no doubt that he has this ability in abundance. This title brings up-to-date his adventure with otters begun in the best-selling Ring of Bright Water. A foreword explains the author's opinion that a follow-up book is a dissatisfying thing to write. However, readers will not fail to be interested in what has occurred since 1959. The compound of otters on the coast of Scotland was enlarged to accommodate more and Gavin's household was increased by one wife and two stepsons. The success of the last book brought a horde of uninvited guests who barged into the daily life of the author and into the necessary animal routine--sometimes with disastrous results. The well kept (two attendants) otters continue as intriguing pets, but further experience produces a necessary caution--even the tamest went into a frenzy of biting that seriously wounded a keeper--cause unknown, possibly jealousy. This book will undoubtedly increase the number of people who would like to visit the author's island. For his sake we hope they simply stay at home and read his well-written books.

Publisher: Dutton