A FLIGHT OF LIES by Gavin Scott


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Another, less effective silly-putty British spy frolic from the author of Hot Pursuit (1978)--which takes shape as Ronald Foster is being debriefed on tape by British Secret Intelligence. Ron's innocent-bystander story begins when he witnesses the assassination of a man by three killers in the department store where Ron is a blithering clerk. Ron flees; the three pursue and capture him, but he gets free and in the process turns up vital clues: a photograph of three US Marines in 1941 Peking and a box of human bones. And when the authorities are no use at all, Ron escapes and sleuths on his own, following a lead to Wales, where he penetrates the estate of fanatical anti-Communist American billionaire I. F. Gernbach. Then: enter the KGB, the PLO, Chinese nuclear bombs, and more--all because those bones are the Peking Man originals. A basic gimmick already done definitively in The Peking Man is Missing (1977)--and here reduced to James Bond-y nonsense.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's